Wake Me App

The Problem

Our morning routine is usually disrupted once we fail to wake up on time. Most of us use an alarm clock to help us, but we keep hitting that evil snooze button until we are late. I suffer from a terminal snooze disease and so does a lot of people. The snooze disease is an epidemic that needs to be stopped and I might have the cure.

The challenge is how to change this behavior and get people to commit to their alarm schedule.

My Role

Product Designer. Since this project is for a product design online course, It is my sole responsibility to see the project through from beginning to end.


What makes Wake Me App different from your usual alarm is that it builds an emotional and social link to the user. The user needs to choose a person(s) he/she trust or like to record a unique wake up message for the user, and the user will not be able to hear the message unless he/she sets it as an alarm.

But I can snooze that, you might say.

So instead of playing the recording as a regular alarm, the app makes a fake call using the names you chose to record the wake up call for you. This way, user will not be able to determine if it is a real call or the alarm. It is more likely the user will answer the call because you will see in the caller ID, someone close and familiar to the user.

Isn’t it much better to hear someone you know and like when you wake up in the morning? Your mother, father, brother or sister, a friend or lover, surely sounds sweeter to the ear than your generic alarm.


Following the steps and processes defined in the course. We started by understanding the meaning of design and how we should always use it in context of use.

By looking into our personal morning routine, we are tasked to define a problem and generate a number of ideas, trimmed down to three and developed. These three ideas are evaluated against certain criteria and the winning concept is produced. We test the product with the target users and present the findings at the end of the course.

We started at defining what is a morning routine and look into our own morning routine to understand what, how and why we do the routine.

My morning routine.

After examining mine and the subject’s routine, we define which problem we can solve.

Three concepts must be presented. The product can be a physical or digital product, as long as it answers the problem.

To filter the concepts, we revisit the defined problem and elaborate on the requirements and used the Harris Profile technique to choose the final concept for development.

I created the design and made simple clickable prototype to test it with a few participants.

If your Mama Mary called you, would you answer the call? I bet you would :)

Lessons Learned

Choose a problem worth solving. It was the first time I’ve worked on something from scratch. In our jobs, we usually have the existing product or service, or at least, the idea is already established. When we were on the phase of observing and choosing a problem to solve, we are constantly reminded to choose a problem that will be significant and worth solving. Even if we come up with a great idea and execute it very well, if it’s not very useful or only aimed at a small demographic, it will not be sustainable nor profitable and the product/service will fail. Don’t choose something which hundreds of people already solved unless you are certain that your approach is better and an improvement from existing solutions.

Don’t spend too much time in the design because it will never be perfect. Create the minimum viable product (MVP) fast and ship to test immediately and often so we can spend time to verify our design assumptions and make amends to the product.

Be flexible. It doesn’t mean we have to strictly follow the process and methods as it is. We are free to use whatever is needed depending on the project and situation. Each designer or teams have their own process that works for their purpose and one system may work for a lot of people but may not work for a few so we keep trying things until we find one that works.

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