UX News

The Problem

We wanted to create a platform where we can curate all things related to UX design. Registered users can post related articles, reviewed by the UXN admin and made accessible to the community.

UX News is not a blog or a publishing platform, all the content comes from other trusted sources and the articles will be shown on UX News platform similar to a news feed. The actions like, up-vote, comment and bookmark can be taken inside the platform itself, but for reading the article users always will be re-directed to the original content owner.

We want this to be the place to go to if you want the latest news and updates in the design industry.

My Role

UI/UX Designer. A friend and colleague, Elvis Canziba (link to his website soon) is the mastermind and made the necessary research before he introduced me to the idea. We just need to put it officially on paper, so we created the persona, wireframes, flow and I designed the UI.


Since we are both part of the design industry, we sat together and asked our selves what we want the site should be. We looked into our favorite sites where we currently get our daily dose of design info, sites like; designer news.co, muzli.com, frontendfront.com and medium.com. Most people visit these sites to find news and updates in the industry and often follow or upvote/like articles by their favorite or trusted authors/publisher. We created personas based on our own, as designer and a front-end developer.

We sketched out basic flow and site structure and when we have agreed on it, we made the wireframes and reviewed them created the final flow. Using the wireframes and flow, we created the design. It was deliberately simple because we know that content is the main reason why users will come to the site and the UI should not get in the way. Made sure users will easily sort through the listing, choose their articles and read away.

Our initial sketches.

A simple sitemap to plot the flow.

Wireframes to establish structure and information.

Using the wireframes to show site flow.

Once we agreed on the design, Elvis took over the development and worked with his HTML, CSS and Angular magic. When launched, we will review and get feedback from actual users and determine how we can improve the site further.

The final design.

Lessons Learned

The only true inspiration is a deadline. We always dream of working on our own projects, where we think we have the freedom to do what we want, when we want to. I remember talking about this project months ago and none of us is moving. We finally agreed to give each other deadlines so we can start working and actually finish the project.

Working on a side project is just as hard as working on your real job. The problems are the same except that you don’t answer to anyone but with bigger responsibilities to own up.

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